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  1. Coming to Slay

From the recording Undressed


Fuck the clique
You came with
Y'all ain't hard
Like lame dick
Always talking
That same shit
I'm bed rest
Remain sick

For 3 golds
Sellin yo album
About 3 sold
Tough facts
Gotta behold
Feelin Yeezy
Cuz this beat cold
Feelin Yeezy
Cuz this beat cold
Fouling out
Catch this free throw
Shaquille O'Nealing
Just like he throw
You're throwing shade
But I'm me tho
Taking off
On my Heathrow
Mariah Carey
My own hero
You posting subs
Call 'em heroes
That's how we roll
Were friends
Now we foes
I do not know
Mad at me for
Such a baby
Fuckin mejo
Kat Stackin
Fuckin weak hoe
Kermey Kermey
Watch this tea po'
None of my beez so
Ain't heard it from me yo
B roll to WeHo so breathe

Who's coming to slay
You coming to slay
Yeah man, I'm coming to slay

On the floor
Get out my way
Get one dance
Call me Drake
Bustin balls
Call me Cait
Feel the waves
So Kanye
On sight
Hair swinging left right
Left right left right
Left right left...
Hate me then grow some
Think you smart
Don't know none
Soupy niggas
So wonton
Got arsenals
You brung one gun
One mic
I got one tongue
It's Bible
I've done won
It's Bible
I've done won
It's Bible
I've done won
The race the race
Not given to swift
You choose to unwrap
But I give you my gifts
All I want and I want
Is bring peace and uplift
But over and over
We keep being up shit's
Cree Summers
I wonder
A different world
I garner respect
Without having to twirl
Or me dressing up
Like I am girl
Just me being me
Let my beauty unfurl
Now breathe