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  1. Don't Want Smoke

From the recording Undressed


Must say ashe to my ancestors
From Cote d’Ivoire forced to America
Mom’s side VA, Pops’ out that Georgia
Bred in Bmore where we will whore ya
Don’t come at me or you’ll get knocked
Hakeem Olajuwon
Cuz you’ve been blocked
You gets no 10's
Girl you’ve been chopped
Like them clothes that you stole
Hoe you’ve been mopped
Get out my way
Don’t fuck with no frauds
I’m legendary
No need for applause
G's move in silence
Like the sign of the cross
Keep throwing your shade
Sis it’s your loss
No validation
Feeling so sauced
No competition
Bitches be tossed
Drums make you flat
On some Rick Ross
Wings stop when things pop
I'm a boss
Muhammad Ali
Boom boom by aye
Rumble in jungle
K.O. in the 8th
Foreman's keep grilling
Get bussed in the face
Go throw up them ones
Then done up the place
On Schwarzenegger
I’ll have you erased
Though I am faint
Still running the race
Still running the race
Still running the race
Iyanya make me whining my waist
Dance on these hoes
Cuz I never be fazed
Dark skin Aunt Viv
But I won’t be replaced
In leotard be doing plies
Twirl on your grave
March around like parade
Roaches be bugging
Spray them with Raid
Big never lied
Cuz I never will chase
Except for my dreams
Shout out to Meek
Feeling some way
Give it to me

No they don't want smoke
No they don't want smoke
No they don't want smoke
No they don't (repeat)

Name should be Kobe
Folks wanting that beef
Shaquille O’Neil
I body them cheeks
Got no five rings
But still MVP
Hoes stealing lo key
Cuz they know their flow weak
Word to K-Dot keep killing my vibe
Y’all thinking ya great
Not top 95
Or even 200
If you were wondering
Your stans wanna hit
So their praise is all lies
Untalented whores try step to the mic
Knowing they ain’t never spit
In their lives
Take your whole life
To go against mine
14th verse of Proverbs 25
Church, preach
Man, these
Flakes be
Johnie, Ray-Z’s
Never fade me
Coun-try, we
Must know our history
Cuz it repeats
People don’t sleep please