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  1. Got Me Fucked Up

From the recording Undressed


Mario Borelli I come the hardest
Coming for my fam, man
Ain't the smartest
For them I'd gladly go to Jessup
Chrome to the temple
Will make you fess up
You've been exposed
No need to dress up
Red stains on shirt
I ain't talking ketchup
Take a quick pic
Then clean my mess up
Tweet a skull emoji
Hashtag bless up
We're a mafia
And I am the Don
Father's namesake
I'm the second John
Follow 2 John
Believe in Son
Please don't be fooled
'Cause I ain't the one
Used to see a nigga off of Cokesbury Under floorboards
Where the coke's buried
Go to corner store
Get a Coke, cherry
Block knew I knew him
So I wasn't scary
Fast forward to the present day
Posted up in Downtown LA
With former bangers and 13's
In wife beaters and clean khakis
I wish a niggas would try to "@" me
On Kanye give a quick fade
Then kill the concert
After 30
Life ain't the same after 30
In love and music
I ain't worthy
So I'll hang up jersey
James Worthy
Bullshit draws yo a lot of flies
What's seen as good
In a lot of eyes
Could be the fabrication
Of a lot of lies
Coming up with a lot of alibis
Paris apartment
With your hands tied
Are vain pursuits worth your life (Yo)

Y'all got me fucked up (repeat)

Bitches shade
When you're competition
For you to fail
They hoping and wishing
Narcissists want all attention
Would name a few
They ain't worth the mention
They rep Bmore
But from Hanover
Forgot the time
I had their man over
He told me that ass was ran over
Like Brandy in a Land Rover
Back to subject I tend to drift
Looking for them Drake's
Geeked for Taylor Swift
Lip sync in mirror
To all my shit
Be there to spot
When you try to lift
Boys round the way
Bench a different weight
They be stacking plates
Maxing out
And then they wait
Corrections or a different fate
World wants me to be
Another voguing sissy
Just pass the Dutch
As though I'm Missy
Ain't got no time
To be so prissy
With your opinions
You hoes can miss me
Only one person
Lives this existence
If in my shoes
Could you bear the distance
Through tribulation
Had to be persistent
Or take the path
Of least resistance
Paint the picture
Hang it on your wall
Jericho they soon will fall
In your truth
You must stand tall
Behind closed doors
You can see it all
Don't let the smooth face fool you
I bring the tool right to you
Have lead running
Right through you
No "to be continued..." (Yo)


Said these hoes
Got me fucked up
Nuts, you need to untuck
Nothing is never enough
So I let it go, let it go, let it go
Said these hoes got me fucked up
Got Hennessy in my cup
Nothing is never too much
So I let it go, let it go, let it go