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  1. Chinese Swing

From the recording Undressed


I swear
Every time my crew appears
Line pushes back
Like LeBron James' hair
Stop and stare
Like celebrities were there
Your set arrives
And nobody really cares
Ooou, you so disgusted
My homies spreading out
Like Dijon mustard
Snoop Dogg said it
"Hoes can't be trusted"
Face on beat
Y'all lookin dusted
Mute point
No need to discuss it
Roaming round the club
Seeing who I'ma fuck with
Christian Grey bae
He wanna get bukkid
Doing all this bragging
I really can talk shit
What we fin' to do
There ain't no telling
Not only my place
He wanted to come in
Bathed in red light
We down in my dungeon

Feel your hands
Teasing me
I am tied
In a Chinese Swing (repeat)

Scene two
Location interior
See dude
With Dwayne Johnson exterior
Not really tryna be
Too fast and furious
But the way that you can move
Got my ass real curious
Plus I really like tats a lot
And your chest look like a Basquiat
Picky with whom I choose to thot
Mind changes quicker
Than an EMPIRE plot
Your body's lucious
Lips kiss head
Berries and juices
Prince Hakeem cream
It's so profusive
Like a new single dropping
You get an exclusive
Wanna go somewhere
Where it's real seclusive
The way the music playing
It's real seductive
Wanna feel the heat
Get real conductive
Going home with your man
Is real reductive
You can come with me
I won't bite
(Promise I won't bite)
Undress you slowly
Take off mine
(I'll take off mine)


He in love
With that Baltimore
Miss him
With them other whores
College with some street edge
He don't mess with them regul-ores
Tryna kick it
Like the Gold Cup
Drunk in love
Tell him hol' up
Pumping "Juicy,"
Sipping D'usse
Your ex choosy
Next you then he chose me
You so mad
Big ass diznick--
I'm so B.A.D.
Even as we speak
He's in my pad
Put a blindfold on me
And he's finna to strap
Strap me in
Immaculate contraption
Don't raise your hand
There's no question
We be getting it in