From the recording Undressed


Let's all get naked
Drink till we're wasted
Get lost in Vegas
Ooou (ooou)
Bitches will try us
Like Miley Cyrus
Tell them dumb hoes
What's good (what's good)

Phallus in Wonderland
Wandering, wondering
What rabbit hole you can fall up in
Crawl up in, be all up in
Mad Hatter
I'm high on molly
Craving Indian
I'm goin Bolly
Smash in the stall
I'm thinking probably
Do it slum-doggy
You right behind me
With the hookah
Take a couple hits
We feeling super
Tryna kill our vibe
Like Lex Lugger
Balling with my homies
We alleyoop ya
Nene Leakes
We quick to bloop ya
It's so turnt
Club playing Luda
How low can we go
Headed to the floor
We acting stupid


Tweedledee, Tweedledum
Got purple seeds
We hit it tandem
Finna make out with a random
After couple cups
I'm looking handsome
If you with your squad
They can come
Make this an orgy
Never had one
Got room for cake
I can stand some
Like Andrew Dice
I gotta bad tongue
Lick ya up and down
Till you say stop
Blow you like a bubble
Till you're ready to pop
Love them avocados
Who about their guac'
Ya ugly friend
Tryna cock block
Like a snapshot
Hoes get cropped
She can Uber
We finna to hop
In your ride
To your spot
Tryna reach the top

Chorus (till fade)