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  1. Side Piece

From the recording Undressed


Side piece, side piece
Call me Roosevelt
'Cause I'm a dime piece
Got you pulling on my wrist
Like a time piece
When you're ready to hit it
I'm like bye peace

Should be ashamed
'Cause you got a man
Ain't the one to blame
You the one who's taken
Bae's on business trip
Got to make some moves
Let's jizz and dip
There's no time to looooooose
Truffle butter
Don't read Miranda rights
We won't cuff each other
Friends with benefits
Nothing better
Get it in then split
Like you a stripper
You bad, you hood
Folks want to judge
Yeah I wish y'all would
Residents of glass homes
Can't throw stones
Just leave me alone
Michael Jackson
Billie Jean
Ask the man in the mirror
Or be history
Keep it in the closet
Lay on these covers
Versace sheets


Bae at work
You called out with the flu
On my way over
With some homemade soup
Nurse Johnie, Showtime
On my brown sugar
'Cause your hoe is mine
Check your temp
Got thermometer on fire
Like you're 50 cent,
Lloyd Banks
Yeah I got a tank
G-Unit soldier
I'm tryna make rank
Lieutenant, you in it
Won't front mine, frontline
We in trenches
Friends say I need to leave you be
What I'm doing will,
Will come back to me
They shade our arrangement
Jelly like Adele
Chasing pavements
Rolling, rolling, rolling,
Rolling, rolling in the deep
While we flipping eps
In backseats of jeeps
Cool J
Bump what fools say
I love Makonnen
Making love on a Tuesday
Drizzy Drake
What's at stake
This all can crumble
With one mistake
We skydiving
With no parachute
Or walking hot coals
Without a pair of shoes
One day we may feel the heat
As for now nite n day I'll be...