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  1. Vogue Trap

From the recording Undressed


1800's take Donald Trump back
8 years of change
He fitting to trump that
Fuck with North Korea
And they fitting to pump back
Quick hair flip this trick
Fitting to pump tracks
Don't quit talking
I'm thinking I'm gonna snap
Yo I'm thinking I'm gonna snap
Pussy tighter than a fist
Won't take a listen
Cuz limp is me wrist
Liv Pope hoe
Keep havin these Fitz
Cuz you givin wack rappers
All of these hits
Right wing conservatives
Can't handle us
IG stars can't hold a candle but
Yet I'm Cunning-H.A.M.
Like the name was Randall what?
You can Keep The Faith
To keep up face
Such a waste
Where's my race
Niggas hopeless
"Soon As I Get Home"
Nigga know this
Baltimore whore
Black/purp are the colors rep
Fall back perp
Don't ya ass take another step
Protect yo neck
Won't play me
Like y'all shaded last project
Lorena Bobbit hoe
Do a little ball collection
Eunuchs ain't shit
Lyrics ain't sick
Ride your own dicks
Like tits please sit
I don't see it
Ain't the business
Read with quickness
Lawd my witness
Where your testies nigga
Go on and test me nigga
Too much test' see nigga
You a lil testy nigga
See it for yourself
Post all them selfies nigga
Pick of the litter
When they really runts my nigga
Know you in debt
Why you wanna front my nigga
Evel Kineval
All these stunts my nigga
I'm nah real "Trap Queen"
No Fetty Wap I'ma real rap feen
I Dax trax give it a real dap sheen
Seat pushed back how trill that lean
Back in the day chillin with my friends
Doin vogue femme tryna get my tens
Hit em with hee then hit em with a ha
Let's get let's get let's get high
Revlon Milan Prada
All up in mi Carter
Popping all that ying yang
Pay these whores nada
Like you whores' Dada
Sip some horchata
Talked behind my back
And kissed off my raps
Well after that...
After that y'all can all kiss my ass