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  1. I'm for Real

From the recording Undressed


Voulez vous rendezvous
Right after two
For the love of you groove
Got me in the mood
Black Love incense
Permeates the room
On that Tony Toni Tone
Just me and you
My “lil cease” ain't at ease
Wanna interlude,
Wanna interlude in the nude
Floatin in your vibe
Like an inner tube
Tell me if it's draw, win or lose
Cuz I can't take my eyes off of you
Like L-Boog used to croon
Got me risin like a wave
And you the moon
Skin like caramel truffle
Lemme get a spoon
Put lips on double dips
Make my head swoon
Don’t trip take a sip
Till we both strewn
On my bed clothes are shed
Wake up at noon
So let's get this party started real soon

Baby, I'm for real
So what's the deal babe
Know I will
Fill all of your fantasies (repeat)

Je m'appelle the Dark Pharrell
Tryna get lucky
Seduce to get you loose
You don't wanna touch me
Friend zone the end zone
But no touchdown
I aim to score, be on the boards
So what's up now
You been hurt by too many
In the past
Let it go Keyshia Cole
Pick up your glass
Chocolate with Stella Rosa
Make the flavor last
Depths of those rich notes
Are extremely vast
Dave Matthews is on
And I wanna crash
But it seems that our vibes
Are gonna clash
Better act now
Cuz I move fast
Get it all the way turnt
Fore I Roscoe Dash
Just really need to know
Are you into me
Or am I barkin up the wrong tree
You’re an oak
I need more sequoia
Tell me what I need to do
To get to know ya


Voulez vous cocher avec moi (repeat til fade)