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  1. Golden State

From the recording Undressed


Maybe you're lil
Out of my league
You’re a starter
I can't even make the D
Feel like back in the day
Had my nose in SULA
‘Tis a "Teenage Love"
Ricky the Ruler
Some may say too old
For such a crush
Still when you're around
I blush
Words only get in the way
And they really wouldn't convey
All the colors you paint
Inside my mind
All the noise of the world subsides
A Red Sea departed
Lead me through divide
Till we make it to
The other side
Abruptly I
Open my eyes
And I'm back to this,
This real life
As I cry
Hold my pillow tight
Tenderly a reverie
Enraptures me at night

A golden taste
Your golden face
Keeps me awake
In a golden state (repeat)

You're always on point
Stephen Curry
You uncover the treasures
That past hurts have buried
Dream of your lips
Kissing scars on my back
Restoring the happiness
That I have lacked
“The Old Guitarist”
Joy seemed the farthest
Rose Period, I'm nearing it
Like that Spanish artist
When I'm close to you
Bright hues consume my mood
No longer am I bound
In “The Blue Room”
Imagine licking your skin
It stains my tongue
Like the nectar from honeysuckle
When I was young
There was a bush
In a neighbor's yard
Even though we kids
Knew that we were barred
‘Twas still worth the risk
That rich dust gave a rush
Too hard to resist
Praying that the One
Truly does exist
And craving for the sweetness
Our first kiss ...