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  1. Lost in You

From the recording Undressed


Bacon, scrambled eggs,
Home fries, pancakes
So busy thinking bout you
Can’t finish my plate
Anytime away
Really makes my heart aches
Hands yearning for the chance
To touch your face
In those arms of yours
My body's encased
Your embrace
Warms me like some cafe au lait
But I gotta get going
You know the rat race
Yet I travel no moving
Keep walking in place

Lost in you
Lost in you
So confused
Lost in you (repeat)

At work devil hopping on that last nerve
If it wasn't for the check
I woulda been swerved
Hit the PCH
Ripping round those curves
Sound of crashing waves
Sweetest thing I ever heard
My coworkers telling me
That I gotta glow
Though I try to hide
Hard not to let it show
4:30 can't wait to get home
5 bells all's well
I'm heading out the door


Chocolate covered cherries
Feed you like you're royalty
Let me cater to you
For all your loyalty
All I do for you
I do it joyfully
The more I give to you
Even more you give to me
Rose petals strewn
On a luscious bubble bath
Vanilla scented candles
Illuminate our path
Sharing bottles of Rose’
We drink it till the last
Savor your succulent sighs
As I wash your back
Then you wash mine
Tingles down my spine
The insouciance got me going
Out my mind
We love each other in and out
And out and out of time
Upon your chest I find rest
As my head reclines
Listening to your heartbeat
Then I close my eyes
So grateful that God
Has brought you into my life
There I go again
Drifting like a satellite
In the speed of light
Flashing by cuz I'm

Hook till fade