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  1. High as a Kite

From the recording Undressed


This love is vicious
If I three wishes
Wish us eternity,
Wealth for our families,
We feast on lavish dishes
Your lips are delicious
Every time we kiss just
Breathe in the moment
For the present one truly misses
When we think about tomorrow
(When we think about tomorrow)
We don't have time to borrow
Life is a whiskey
Drink though it burns
Till the bottle's hollow
You’re a tough act to follow
Showtime at Apollo
If you leave I know
Cry everyone's tears
Be the "King of Sorrow"
I want us to work
None escapes hurt
For all that it's worth
Understand I got your back
Till I leave this earth (earth)
Just let me feel you
By your touch I am healed too
Like a Sunday afternoon
Laying on of hands
Anointing soaks through
Hear a choir sing a tune
When you step up in the room
Make my spirit bloom
As peonies blossom in June
No pill will ever do
My faith is renewed
Reach levels never knew
I ascend higher
Soaring through the blue

You got me so high
High as a kite (repeat)

New wine need new wine skins
At the end new life begins
We must make our amends
Old wounds shall mend
Like David and Jonathan
Our souls are woven
As a cord of three strands
Won’t tear for no man
Keep eyes on us
Daily we building trust
Masterpieces can't be rushed
And when they done
They can't be touched
Rare Benin sculpture
Sight of you it enraptures
Yes my heart is captured
Take away the pain
With your laughter
Alleviate my sadness
Celebrate my Blackness
Dedication is matchless
One hit of you
Leaves me breathless
Each and every night
We bathe in the moonlight
Swaying in the evening breeze
We dance in delight
Survive all hard times
Let our bodies intertwine
Flesh melts into mine
Becoming one with Divine
You got me in a daze
Never ceasing to amaze
Light it up an eternal blaze
As we fade away in a purple haze


You're my
Chocolate Thai
D'Angelo Brown Sugar babe
Got me saying my oh my
Me and those dreaming
Eyes of mine
Running through strawberry fields
At night
Until we're both
Out of sight