From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: Large Professor
Words by: Johnie Ray
Scratches by: DJ Cave
Produced by: DJ Cave

**Promo Use Only**


It ain't hard to tell
J Ray'll prevail you all fail
Suckas try to lock me down but I bail
Breathe ease like JAY Z
Never wait to exhale
Triple beam schemes
One bad move you off the scale
Seen folk lose weight feign they procreate
Risk take their fates to score dates
A while they can't wait
It's so late like a corpse in a crate
Better masturbate or procrastinate
Or live in a medicinal state
Till you expire I retire near oceans of fire
Hawaiian attire, Poli with squires,
Kill em softly with my lyre, out the pyre
Sendin postcards from Hell
Hell, it ain't hard to tell