From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat: Manifest
Words: Johnie Ray
Produced by: DJ Cave


My life's a skippin record tryna get in groove
Wanna hit fast forward like cassette tapes usedta do
But the guts spill out oh now yo boy oh that's a trip
Maybe life'll be better off as a compact disc
Beware of scratches ratchets watch out for that bump
I see your MP3 slow download speed in a slump
Guess it's final vinyl until I'm in the dump
On my way get my pockets phat like they The Klumps
Can't control my stress wildin like I'm dancing krump
Throw PC from cubicle is what y'all really want
Anger management is something I have tried before
But leave angrier I was before I hit the door
Throwing plates against the wall that will never do
Rather throw bows at a face that'll get me through
Form a fight club like Edward Norton and Brad Pitt
Till this pit of rage I find a way up out of it
You calling me all the time keeping tabs on me
I'm at the bar with some friends and the tab's on me
Stella Artois, Guinness and Blue Moons
Play guitar in Venice as the blue croons
Wanna run out in it and never turn back
Swim along the waves till I fade in black
Till I fade in black, till I fade in black
Reemerge like HOV yo the ruler's back
Where's my crown and pounds, commoners bow down
No need for Prince Will and Kate now that I'm around
My Magna Carta treaty sweetie the trumpets sound
But to your laws I won't be held bound
I'm Hell bound is what you say clown
Have you packing your balls and tent and leave town
So rewound 'fore you're in a mound
Your mom tossing flowers at you in the ground
Like traders to Africans or settlers to Indians
Christians wanna save my soul from sin
And I really wanna follow Him
My record starts to skip again