1. Paradise Lost

From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: 9th Wonder
Words by: Johnie Ray
Scratches by: DJ Cave
Produced by: DJ Cave

**Promo Use Only**


Paradise lost
Didn't know the cost
Was no price tag
On what we had
Lemme take it back
Before the bite
When we awashed
In a red light
Whined to dancehall
Swore I wouldn't fall
Did I win you
From a bad call
Super Bowl XLVII
Still beg the question
Serpentine intercession
To learn our lesson
On a quest for knowledge
Get to know each other
Eventually in month three
Wondered why we bothered
From our wrathful curses
Run for cover
Passion burned bright
Then in ashes it was smothered
During better moments
Words weren't spoken
Our bodies meet like sky and sea
As the Book betokened
Now we both awokened
Hide our nakedness
The true me too much to see
So you got dressed
In search of newer Edens
Adam wouldn't even
Now our fate's fleeting
From an apple, eaten