From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: Manifest
Words by: Johnie Ray
Produced by: DJ Cave


Hey Blue where are you
Yo it's a minute since you rolled through
I know we going through some issues
You blowing me off like some tissues
Kleenex u sexed your ex no response to text
Yes I'm pressed cuz I miss you
Cold shoulder like you're Ms. Ruth
Sad your mom will condemn you
If you don't have some grands soon
No immac' conception from this contraption
Buss on your couch there goes Jesus
Juice papoose this Trojan used
In the trash he goes vamoose
Wanna talk to you but it aint no use
You flushed me out like you using douche
Summer's Eve give ya time to breathe
I'll be on my stee don't worry bout me
Floss my braids stunt in shades
Scarlet "A" I may make the grade
From electric chair tonight reprieved
Shoulda cheat like Keysh but I ain't no sneak
Scuffed up next cup up
You get roughed up if you don't pick up


All I get is your voicemail
Like Titanic you done set sail
Ice water chance in hell
To talk to you is a real fail
Our boat it sinks when we hit the brink
Violins play in a sad scale
Violence in my environment
So I wanna choke you till you turn pale
Back in Bush like ya Dan Quayle
Lemme know you dropped me fa sho
I'm that hot potato that you can't spell
Lose the "e" like you're losing me
Like the silent "e" in the space you need
Feelin self like you popped an e
So I'm gettin down like I popped my knee
Out this season, what the reason
Air gets calm you be breezin
Think u ball so ignore my calls
Call me MAD, got news for y'all
Headline like the LA Times
Got no time you playin mime
Lift my glass, take a sip of wine
Close my eyes, leave my mind behind