From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: DJ Cave
Words by: Johnie Ray
Produced by: DJ Cave


Ayo yo what you ridin (4x)
Dodge Daytona '92, Blue Ooo (repeat)

Call me Outkast
Be about my business
Step on the gas
Leanin way back
You can't see me
You all are Stevie Wonders
Your inner vision bleary
Hands on the wheel
Mind set to chill
It's 93 until
You better keep it real
Mic Geronimos
Hang round the corner stoes
Playin ceelo
Rakin them hoes
Left the cut rate
Put in the purple tape
Taste what The Chef made
Blast that Rainy Dayz
Pray that they fade away
Or make em liquid swords
Why Lord
Life gotta be so hard
Gotta play my cards
Or shake up the stars
Pain seems so far
When I'm in my car
Body so lean
Engine still clean
Paint like ice cream
Makin you hookers scream


Down North, I'm walkin
Junkies are squawkin
Rockin my butta Timbs
Yourns is margarine
Even Rakim know
That I got that soul
Bred on kaiser wha?!
I was born to roll
On my Masta Ace
Fools past away
Gone without a trace
Like they were Mase
Now what did Pastor say
Ayo we read-ay
Play that Camay
From pretty Ton-ay
So Stark in the dark
Now I'm Ghostfaced
You're Colo 'stead of Polo
You're so fake
You ain't worth the chase
I bank on BOA
Business Over Ass
Is the smartest way
Lazy afternoon
Groovin to The Roots
You Ain't Fly
Cruisin through these fools
You choose to sleep on me
And now y'all swept away
As I roll by
Here's what them hookers say


Push you 'gainst the wall
There's no need to stall
This is a stick up
And I want it all
Song in my drawl
Get you out them draws
R Kelly didn't tell me
But your body called
Electric Relaxtion
Bonita Applebum
After foreplay
Gon get me sum
This a G thang
Snoop and Dr Dre
Black onyx like chronic
You'll simply melt away
Age ain't but a number
No shame in my game
Whenever wherever whatever
Make you say my name
Hey Lover
This is more than a crush
Yeah I do's it well
In the most painful moments
Beauty's revealed
Now my brain's spinnin
Like my baby's wheels
Or like I'm on 'shrooms
Everything's in twos
Room turns blue
All I hear is chopped and screwed