1. & A Day

From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: Manifest
Words by: Johnie Ray
Produced by: DJ Cave


I'm flyin in my saucer
Sippin tea with the saucer
This the life of a boss, sir,
Ya wank stain such a tosser
What up Black your tracks
Like you done jacked off
You the only jack who ever applauds
Givin hands to yourself
You think you bout it
No limit to your shame
I don't even doubt it
Suckin off coxx
Like you're stealin cable
Ya bunch of bullocks
Like the languages of Babel
You're Abel
Johnie Ray will whip and Kane you
Insane who would ever entertain you
I'm so FOR REAL-us
Get love from my gorillas
Bmore to the core,
Rockin purple like Magilla (uh)
I'm rollin through 52
I'm on my Ray Lew
Hey Ray Chew cue da band
Cuz these fools through
My mistake I'm late like 'Ye
I took the long way
Took some rest stops
So apologize for delay
For those who wait good things
So don't be dismayed
Though I know it took
Forever and forever and a...


Jazz greats take breaks
So they can woodshed
Since Prince dirty mind was rinsed
Of givin good head
I'll burn it up
Till da microphone is all red
Blowin out amps you scamps
Puttin y'all to bed
On a holiday like J
Smokin leaves tryna dig a hole
To the root
So my life won't end all SIDEWAYS
But it's takin forever and forever and a...