From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: DJ Cave
Words by: Johnie Ray
Produced by: DJ Cave


Leave my mind behind
To the past be blind
I swear I try
But it seems that I'm
Frozen in time
Like Lot's wife
I relive that night
When I said goodbye
And you said alright
I said alright
You said alright
Have a good life
Flames lick my heels
Future ahead
Past holds the reel
Pull me back instead
I'm at a halt
Pillar of salt
Stuck in a room
Of cobalt
There ain't no use
Can't escape the blues
Encased my world
In its icy hues
One day I'll rise
Like the roaring tide
But today I cry
My heart a sigh
Cruel winds will come
In this autumn

There's yellow beneath the green
Which gives way to brown
Can't accept the fact you're gone
Now I feel so all alone

Dark buildings loom
Like leering tombs
Windows are jarred
By a woofer's boom
In the cacophony
Still rings a symphony
With its ghostly chords
In a haunting key
Gnarled hands play a timpani
No honey found
To imbue the strings
Amidst the dirge
Sadness has surged
From this winter
Will spring emerge
Attempt at talk
But have no words
Clutching fragments
Is so absurd
Glue every piece
And remake the leaf
With this hope
Comes brief relief
But it fades away
Down the street
So I return
To my melody
Then through the noise
I hear a voice