1. Holy Spirit

From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: DJ Cave
Words by: Johnie Ray
Guest vocals by: DJ Cave
Produced by: DJ Cave


Holes in my Mama's ceiling
Got me appealing to the real King
For help
Am I denied or rely on self
Patiently waiting
For these dreams
To be reality in the making
Moved to LA with no plan in mind
But deep down inside
Really wish that I could find
The thing that makes me really feel alive
But bed bugs and roaches
Making it hard to even sleep at night,
Not sleepin tight
Wanna find a place to hide
Or at least close my eyes
To the unbelievably unique undoing
That's become my life
What's right?
Play it safe: find a spouse
Have kids, dog, house
White picket fence we live behind; I
A doctor like Heathcliff
'Stead chose a steeper cliff
To climb
Will I make it to the top in time
My soul cries

You're never gonna fall soldier
Keep your head up (repeat)

In slow mo hop out the car do'
Blastin like Cleo
And set it off
In a hoodie & some cornrows
To all you Zimmermans
Make your life dimmer man
Though I am a slimmer man
Eat beats like dinner man
And the Dunn case
Done got me wonderin
Is their value in our black skin
Or are we just a waste
Since emancipation
Our price fallin down like the yen
And yang they say it ain't a thang
But a chicken wang
But with so many suffering
Our futures buffering
On the screen that spinnin ring
So irritating
Got me contemplating
With a past like I had
I should be celebrating
Cuz I coulda been dead
When these dredz bust me in the head
But You brought me out instead
You brought me through
And Lord I thank You
With each and every breath
Even when I got nothin left
I'm ridin for You till the death
And even when I'm gone
My praises will resurrect and connect
With this tune in your deck
And like the inn at the beginning
That didn't let your family in
Churches have turned me away
But I won't stop praising Him
So in this cramp apartment of mine
I'm gonna open up Venetian blinds
And let your Son shine

Look up at the sky
I can see the light
Your Holy Spirit
I can feel it
Let it be my guide
(Repeat till end)