From the recording The Fall/Collection

Beat by: Manifest
Words by: Johnie Ray
Produced by: DJ Cave


I never got the playbook
So every time that I look
At the clouds I avow
No silver linings got my hopes hooked
You can keep on wishin on a little star
I'll be barred from every bar
Livin like a drunk czar
I wanna live a little go cop me a rental
Get my acres and mule
Even though it's temperamental
Soundtrack suspenseful
Like the music in SCREAM
I roll hard on boulevards
Cut to the next scene
In the Benz with my friends
Fuu, Mugen and Jin
We tekken trekkin makin sure
We tuck the TEC in
Lookin for the samurai
Who smells of sunflowers
'Stead we meet the candy man
With bags of white powder
I wanna take a hit
Like Ocho's next chick
I'm sinkin fast in depression
Don't know how to get out of it
Maybe I'll shout bout it
Holy Ghost route bout it
Legions of demons schemin
Al Pacino in Moschino
Sippin on a frappucino
Caramel cold as hell
My brain swells on San Marino
Yo it's a set up
The Shogun wants us wet up
Fuu's pops cold-cocked been dropped
Won't ever get up
An explosion occurs
My minds in a blur
Miraculously my crew ain't hurt
Is this the, the ending
Or the beginning
Caruso's vibrato yo my brain is spinnin
An existential crisis
So absurd how we just
Fuss up hills rollin rocks like Sisyphus
It's a bust
Put RZA on the track so ridiculous
Slayin y'all like Scylla
Yo I'm trilla than Odysseus
Seduced by sirens eyes diamonds
Voice blarin crime's buyin
Your life it's spendin no pretendin
It's apparent
Black lives are treated
Like they ain't worth a red cent
Sambo reality shows are so Stepin Fetchit
How else do you win?
Put your face down a throat
And shove it in--The Kardashians
Or daydream your life away
An anime masterpiece
Are we asleep when we wake
Or awake when we sleep
That's the question
But I can't think of any words
So I... don't try